What is CGI?


CGI is Computer-Generated Imagery. Images are created by computer software. Based on a 3D model, light and textures are added to the model before it is rendered to obtain the final result. CGI can function as both still and animation.


Why use CGI?


CGI can be an advantageous way of creating images and animations. Some of the benefits are; expanding the creative boundaries and thereby creating things that are not possible otherwise, flexibility in the image making process and room for iterations, reducing costs for image production by leaving out expenses for travel, locations, set building, etc. and finally timing. CGI is a quick way to make an idea tangible and see a product in a photorealistic universe. Sales and marketing material are produced before the product exists in real life, thereby optimizing the process of image making. 


What is rendering?


Rendering is the last process in the creation of a CGI image or animation. Based on a 3D model, the image is ready for rendering, in other words photographing or filming the model in a 3D software. During the rendering process, the CGI artist works with lighting, materials & surfaces and camera angles, to obtain the wished-for result.

What is a 3D model?


Creating a 3D model is the first step in the image making process within CGI. The 3D model is built in a specialized software – digital sculpturing. A mathematical algorithm of any 3-dimensional surface or object is developed. We design the 3D models from scratch within the 3D software based on a simple drawing, sketch or alike.


What is CAD?


Computer-aided design(CAD) is software from where drawings, prototypes, and parts ready for manufacturing are created. CAD is usually vector based and is often used in the architecture industry and within product development. Different kinds of software are used for this format such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit Architecture, SolidWorks, and Rhino.


What is product visualization?


By using the software, it becomes possible to see an idea or product in a photorealistic universe. Early in the design process, it becomes possible to see an idea or drawing in a real setting. This often comes in handy when deciding to proceed the process with the idea or product.


What is 3D print?


A 3D print is rapid prototype technology. With 3D printing, a CGI file can be printed as a physical object, for instance, jewelry, furniture or spare parts. A 3D print can be produced in various materials among others plastic, metal, porcelain, plaster or wax. 


What is animation?  


Creating an animation is a process of visualizing an illusion of motion based on a following sequence of stills varying slightly from one and other, thereby making a film. The stills are shown with fast pace for instance 24, 25, 30 or 60 frames pr. second.



Is it expensive?


Depending on the size of the project the prize will vary. All projects are individually rated. Based on the technological development it has become possible to produce CGI material that is competitive both quality and price wise with traditional photography and film. Some things can be developed cheaper than conventional photography, and other things might not be less costly, however not possible to create otherwise than by CGI. In the long run, CGI has substantial economic benefits, as earlier produced material can be re-used or become base for further use.